Our Escort Agency in Amsterdam offers the perfect and most talented females for a genuine & real virgin escort experience. If this is your first time ever, also why not share it with a beautiful escort girl in Amsterdam at the comfort of your own place? Our escort agency provides you, but also legal girls, at your doorstep with full privacy and intimacy for newcomers in the world of adult sex. You don’t have to worry about a thing since it’s completely normal to be nervous when it’s your first time. Let our escort female of choice take the lead and guide you into your first-ever intimate moment of losing your virginity. We are open 24 hours and challenge you to contact us for more info!

A virgin experience is not uncommon with our escort service in Amsterdam. And we provide beautiful and perfectly suited girls that take their time and show virgins their first experience ever. An adventure not to forget and something that could last for days in your mind as a stunning memory. Of course, Our agency provides you a selection of beautiful girls. Whether you like blonde, tall, sexy, slim, or smiling escort girls we have what you need. BDSM Escorts in Amsterdam is the first escort service that provides people who are new to real intimacy a chance to date and enjoy any escort of choice. Why not make your first time an experience you will never forget?

Virgin Escort Experience in Amsterdam

It takes just one phone call on +31(0)6-87 900 920 or email to let us know that you are interested in a virgin experience. Our staff will take their time selecting a girl that matches your desires. Once we selected the first-time virgin escort girl we will plan a booking in was a time. However, The date & amount of hours will be negotiated. We recommend a minimum of 2 up to 3 hours for the best experience. However, once the date arrives our staff will make sure the girl will be brought to your location of choice. We will deliver her discreetly of course not parking in front of your door and also maintain a low profile with our qualified driver.

Once the girl arrives, a brief introduction to the two of you is made. A financial commitment being fulfilled and the actual roleplay can start. We will leave this to the imagination of you and the girl, as the girl is greatly experienced in taking the role and guiding you in a first-time-ever experience. Slow touching, taking off clothes and getting to know each other is one important part before the intimacy starts. We want you to take the time with the selected female and feel confident that everything is going to be alright. All sexual acts are always performed safely. And is okay for you to have a quick orgasm as this is a thrilling experience to go through.

Call Us For Virgin Escort Service

If you interested in our Virgin Experience please call +31(0)6-87 900 920.




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